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Self-care Challenge 17

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Celebrate an achievement!  Pick a way to mark something you have achieved today. The achievement could be large or small – finally setting up a first therapy appointment, winning an award, conquering that tricky piece of music you’ve struggled with, making your bed today…find something positive you did today and give yourself … Continue reading

Self-care Challenge 16

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Don’t let shame stop you from doing that thing that you do. Like, say, writing an almost-daily self-care challenge. All to often, I think part of the reason we break good emerging patterns is not because we’re simply procrastinating, or failed to do it one day, but because we feel ashamed for … Continue reading

Self-care Challenge 15

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Take a day off. What I mean is: take a day off from “should.” I should do my laundry, I should finish that application, I should get out of the house today, I should be a perfect person brimming with “willpower” and energy and happiness with no needs of my own… Take a day, or even just a few … Continue reading

Self-care Challenge 14

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Keep warm. For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, it might be pretty chilly. A great act of self-care is to make sure you have to tools to keep your body at a comfortable temperature. Get yourself good and warm for a least a few hours today, and make sure you’ll … Continue reading

Self-care Challenge 13

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Take a deep breath or 100.  A lot of folks, myself included, unconsciously react to stress by taking shallower breaths, tightening up the muscles in our torsos, and curling ourselves in a protective but lung-inhibiting manner. Take a few moments to drop your shoulders, loosen up any tight places, and expand your … Continue reading

Self-care Challenge 12

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Get it over with. You know that thing that always turns out to not be so bad when you just do it, but prior to that you spend FOREVER moaning about how annoying it is? Do it! Scoop the litter box, take out the trash, call your grandparent, wash your laundry… It’ll … Continue reading

Self-care Challenge 11

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Go to sleep early. Many folks are returning to work after a chaotic holiday season (whether or not you celebrate any of those holidays), and some never had a break. Whatever your situation, I’m going to make this short so you can unplug and get some rest. Start 2013 off right – … Continue reading