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Promo: Tell your PP Story Blog Carnival

Copied from Shakesville, because I can’t say it any better myself: “Please join What Tami Said and Shakesville for “My Planned Parenthood,” a blog carnival devoted to sharing the stories of the women and men helped by Planned Parenthood of Indiana and other Planned Parenthood branches. What: Share your personal story of being helped by … Continue reading

Belated Father’s Day Post: How Rape Culture Sucks for Men Too, and My Best Memories of My Dad

I didn’t write a Father’s Day post on Father’s Day because I felt conflicted about it. So I am going to tell you a personal story that is about me, about sex, about violence, and why I feel conflicted about honoring my father. I am going to talk about rape culture, and why rape culture … Continue reading

End of Life Decisions

[TW for discussions of terminal diseases, end of life decisions, and suicide] I was not, originally, going to talk in detail about my family on here. I think it’s probably already too easy, if someone really wanted to track me down, to find out who I am. But then my brother went to Afghanistan, my … Continue reading

Inspiring Stories

I am a blubberer. I tear up often enough to be embarrassing. Still, I think if you watch the video below, you’ll have to admit that this is pretty blub-worthy. The movie is a clip from “Korea’s Got Talent.” There were some really bizarre acts before him. Some made it through and some got cut. … Continue reading