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Joyous Kwanzaa!

So not everybody learns about Kwanzaa, I discovered. It should have been less surprising than it was. I remember learning about it in elementary school, mostly because we were taught by my friend’s father, who was a fun and active (and frequent) visitor to our classroom. My school was predominantly African American, and I imagine … Continue reading

Nawal el Saadawi

I don’t agree with everything Nawal el Saadawi has ever said or written (I don’t think there is anyone who I agree with 100% of time), but I read “Woman at Point Zero” (a fictional novel about an Egyptians woman) and “The Hidden Face of Eve” (the English version of her Arabic book about women … Continue reading

Transcript: JT Eberhard: Mental Illness as a Skeptic Issue

[TW attempted suicide, disordered eating, mental illness, reclaimatory ableist language, misogynist slurs] While I have my issues with the skeptic/atheist movement, as I have with pretty much any ideological structure (including that of my own religion, Buddhism), and though there are a few things in this talk that I wish were less demonstrative of kyriarchy, … Continue reading

WTF Flashback: What were we thinking?

I was just brushing my teeth and the taste of minty freshness caused a memory to surge up from where memories hide when we don’t need them. A memory of hot summer nights, sneaking from our tent to the bathroom cabin to retrieve our tubes of toothpaste to…eat it, essentially. We never ate much – … Continue reading

On the Myth of “High Standards”

[TW misogyny] Unless you are actually holding a checklist and ticking things off without getting to know the person at all, there’s no such thing as standards that are “too high.”* I’ve been told an uncountable number of times by friends and family members and strangers, and even one of my Korean teachers, that I … Continue reading