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5 Month Charity Yarning Challenge!

Here is a challenge to myself, mostly, but any yarn-art enthusiasts are welcome to join me. Between now and January first, I am assigning myself the challenge of making 2 knitted items every month. Small things. Hats. Gloves. Baby booties. Patterns I’ve been meaning to mess around with but haven’t gotten to. That means by … Continue reading

Who’s a Feminist Now?

Who’s a Feminist Now? Recently on a relatively progressive masculist blog, the posters began a series called “Not a Feminist”. The purpose, the poster states, is to “take out the trash” – particularly those feminists who display prejudice and extremely negative views towards men. The poster’s arguments run from if “feminism” is truly just about … Continue reading

My Planned Parenthood Blog Carnival

[TW for abortion, TMI warning for menstrual and hormonal issues] My visit to Planned Parenthood (in Portland, Oregon) is not an inspirational story. When I could no longer buy the cheap pills offered by my university’s health center, I went off birth control for about six months. I decided to go back on because of … Continue reading

The Fourth of July

The process of growing up in the United States of America as a citizen – as a white, upper-middle-class, female, cisgendered, currently able-bodied and neurotypical citizen – has been a gradual process of disillusionment. I’d like to speculate on the degree to which being a white student in a mostly-black school with mostly white teachers … Continue reading