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Be Grateful and Get Over It

There is an attitude I have heard over and over, and (un)surprisingly, not exclusively from men. Be grateful things are better now. Get over the past. Don’t draw lines between past misogyny and present discrimination. I’m supposed to be grateful that Title IX finally provided legal grounds for protesting differential treatment of women in schools … Continue reading


My brain has essentially exploded. Lots of liberal commentary about GOP policies has discussed the party’s hostility towards expertise (famously lampooned by Stephen Colbert’s “I looked it up in my gut” piece at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner with G.W. Bush), their emphasis on obedience to authority, and the many ways in which their claims … Continue reading

Links: Gross and Not-Gross

So: this is gross. How to buy an engagement ringĀ – don’t communicate directly with your partner! Make sure you spend a shitton of money (because we all know being able to pay your rent and buy food are totally unromantic), steal her jewelry, talk with her friends about what she likes (instead of, you know, … Continue reading

Good Advice

Some good advice from Claudia Black, whom I adore. “Saying no can be the ultimate self-care.” Say no to something today.