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It really bothers me that the worldmap used in WordPress’s stats is a Mercator projection, and not something that reflects the relative size of the continents. This has been bothering me a lot about all maps, lately, in fact, although I know that ALL flat maps have their weaknesses. Advertisements


I forgot to post yesterday. I feel too fed up today to do anything serious. I am questioning the wisdom of blogging at all, since I have lots of fabulous ideas but zero discipline. Or maybe it’s the prospect of finally getting laid for once – all of my energy is running that particular track … Continue reading

Priorities and Cumulative Effect

So, news flash, humans are complicated. What I’m discussing below is obviously only a snapshot and only part of the story. Note that at no time will I call anyone a bad person, or a terrible friend, or morally excoriate them. Trying to figure out human sociality is exhausting. If you get upset because your … Continue reading

Real Content? Not Yet. (aka Kpop 1)

Of course, this is a “real” post in the sense that it does exist. But serious content got delayed again, by reason of my seemingly constitution incapability to do anything but be nervous about things, putting off all actual accomplishment that might assuage that nervousness because then! I would have Less Time To Be Nervous!!! … Continue reading

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

(H/T to Tori) Read more at VaginaPagina I think the writing about this is best left to voices other than mine. Consider writing if you have a story to share, and definitely promote if you can. The number of people I have met in my life who think that sexual assault isn’t a big problem … Continue reading