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Seen: 돈텔마마 모텔 = Don’t Tell Mama Motel. Advertisements

Signal Boost: Children’s Book about Dieting

Ragen on Dances with Fat has an important post and activism opportunity to tell the author of a children’s book about dieting exactly what you think of him.

Crafty: The Whacky Rug

It’s made of Stuff That Was Lying Around, mainly 3 colors of t-shirt and some colorful bits of ties leftover from making a tie skirt. This is my first rug, and kind of curly from pulling too tight and lengthening the circumference too fast, but it was fun. Like combining the most fun bits of … Continue reading

Signal Boost

Signal boost: In Wisconsin, you now have to pay to meet your elected representatives. WTF?

The Whiteness: Allyship, Education, and Media

So, I read stuff. [TW at the links for racism, and on the Tim Wise piece for ableism. This TW also holds for this post] The thoughts for this particular post coalesced when I read Elle’s post on Shakesville “Same Script, Different Cast”, about the movie The Help, close on the heels of having read … Continue reading


Seen: A teenage girl in hospital issue pajamas and black slops walking with a tall, fashionably dressed friend while hooked up to a bag of yellow IV fluid on a rolling stand. They were walking up the middle of the street lined with a cinema, restaurants, bars, yoga studios and ice cream shops. As far … Continue reading

News: Oh for fuck’s sake

As if the riots in London and the collapse in Indiana weren’t enough, the first things I see when I check the news are: Oil spill near Scotland – nowhere near the scale of BP, but fuck could you please be more careful with that shit?! [TW for violence] Bomb attacks in several cities in … Continue reading


PHOTO? OH NO!! Sel-ka, Memories, and why you should take a million of yourself. [Trigger Warning for body image issues and mild discussion of body policing] So when I was a teenager, I hated people who took photos of me. I didn’t just hate the photos, oh no. I hated the people who would try … Continue reading

Superduper Moderated Thread: Feminism and Kink

[TRIGGER WARNING: The following post and comment thread will contain extremely triggering material. Please read cautiously and heed appropriate trigger warnings] There are some people who say that all BDSM/kink/WIITWD is incompatible with feminism. I am not one of them. I do, however, think that kink and the communities who practice it can be problematic, … Continue reading