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JUSTIFY MY GUT: Patriarchy and the burden of evidence

[TW: Patriarchal privilege, discussion of abortion] I am still thinking about and working through the Fat Acceptance issues. Haven’t processed or formed enough coherent thought that synthesizes what I’ve┬álearned to write about it. Education continues. Moving on to something about which I have very definite opinions, I was spazzing to a male coworker last week … Continue reading

More Thoughts on Fat

[TW: discussions of fat-shaming] So no one knows my blog exists, but that’s not a reason to leave my own statements unaddressed. If you skip the vibrator ad and shithole alert below, the post after that (before that?) was about fat. This post is more about fat. I read this post, and this post, and … Continue reading

Yes, it’s a “massaaaaager”

I just saw this commercial during the Daily Show… Can I say I really really appreciate the dude’s reaction? I wish more people were so toy-positive.   Also, shithole alert. On Fox News, George Birnbaum said “We in this country are blessed with an innate, genetic subconscious that equate [sic] freedom and democracy…I’m not sure … Continue reading

Obesity, Smoking, and Analogies

[TW: fat-shaming, smoker-shaming (is that even a thing? Google doesn’t think so…)] NB: I am using the terms fat and fatty in a personally nonjudgmental way, because I think euphemisms are annoying and obscure the point. I use the term fatty (meaning “a fat person”) exclusively in conjunction with words like “shaming” or “persecution,” but … Continue reading

It’s all thanks to Egypt…

It might sound odd to say that this blog, which is at least going to start out primarily as a forum for me to work through my thoughts on the intersections of gender, reproduction, politics, violence, and sexuality, owes its existence to Egypt. See, I accidentally ended up in Egypt during 6 days of the … Continue reading