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[TW: death of family members] My nuclear family and my father’s side of the family have never been close. Part of it was that my mother’s relatives lived closer, so we spent all the holidays with them. Another part was class divides – my father became an M.D. and a PhD, and my aunt felt … Continue reading

Why I am All In:

because privileged people can write publicly that they don’t give a shit about discrimination. Because the people we send to Afghanistan, ostensibly to fight for a better chance at a good life for the Afghani people, feel absolutely no shame in posting disgusting shit like you will read below. It makes my heart sick to … Continue reading


I have learned what will always and ever be my favorite proverb, and it is in Korean: 언 발에 오줌 누기 – Taking a piss on a frozen foot. The meaning is perverse and hilarious – it refers to a very temporary relief from a problem, with a hint at the situation worsening subsequently. In … Continue reading


File under Things I Never Thought I’d Get To Say: I just played pool with two monks (from two different sects of Buddhism and two different countries, no less!) and a Japanese woman. This is pretty neat.