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I’m not an Angry Feminist, I’m angry AND I’m a feminist

[TW misogyny, gender-essentialism, ableism] I’m angry. I’m angry enough that it would take the cuddle power of at least six cats to begin to disperse my anger. I am not angry because I am feminist, I am angry because the kyriarchy makes people assholes. I am angry because people insist that their intolerance is just … Continue reading

Domestic Violence

This post is part of Anytimeyoga’s Domestic Violence Blog Carnival. The Hub post for the carnival is here. If you are currently in crisis in the USA, please visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-SAFE). If you are being sexually abused, please visit RAINN (1.800.656.HOPE). [TW for Domestic Violence, misogyny, violence, rape, victim-blaming, disableism] ETA: If … Continue reading

Search Terms 2

I’m really happy that someone got here by searching “sex toys cake” – this seems appropriate to my general attitude in life. I’m somewhat perplexed and made nervous by “octopus in asshole” as a search term. Whoever got here with “fat in mouth disease” should probably leave and never come back.  

Hatemail to the Kyriarchy: A series of arguments

[TW misogyny, homobigotry, racism, gender essentialism, violence against children] Very UnDear Kyriarchy, I hate you. I hate you every day. I hate you even when you are being good to me, because I know you are being good to me at someone else’s expense, and I know that the favor is very, very temporary. Even … Continue reading

October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month Blog Carnival

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. To raise consciousness of this issue, which is often taboo to speak about, Tori of Anytimeyoga is hosting a blog carnival, to be posted on October 29th. You can find the rules on her blog, here. Domestic violence affects people of all genders and all ages around the world. … Continue reading