gender essentialism

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I’m not an Angry Feminist, I’m angry AND I’m a feminist

[TW misogyny, gender-essentialism, ableism] I’m angry. I’m angry enough that it would take the cuddle power of at least six cats to begin to disperse my anger. I am not angry because I am feminist, I am angry because the kyriarchy makes people assholes. I am angry because people insist that their intolerance is just … Continue reading

Hatemail to the Kyriarchy: A series of arguments

[TW misogyny, homobigotry, racism, gender essentialism, violence against children] Very UnDear Kyriarchy, I hate you. I hate you every day. I hate you even when you are being good to me, because I know you are being good to me at someone else’s expense, and I know that the favor is very, very temporary. Even … Continue reading