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Just So We’re Clear

My gender identity (cis woman) can tell you exactly two things about me. 1. I have female genital organs and I am okay with that. 2. I was probably socialized to be a girl/woman. That’s it. It cannot tell you if that socialization worked, it cannot tell you my sexual orientation, it cannot tell you … Continue reading

The Geekiest Cakes in the World

I am a dedicated follower of Cake Wrecks, because HOLY CRAP WHY DID THEY DO THAT? And the Sunday Sweets are always incredibly pretty, too. I have a new cakey internet love: Nerd Ache Cakes. I don’t even. I can’t. LOOK AT THIS. IT IS A CASTIEL CUPCAKE FROM SUPERNATURAL. HOLY FUCK. GO TO HER … Continue reading

Two more cents on Daniel Tosh

Trigger Warning: Infant death, rape   You know, Daniel Tosh ended one of his fauxpologetic tweets with the hashtag #deadbabies. Can you imagine a comic making a joke about dead babies with an audience wherein 1 in 4 parents has lost an infant? There would probably still be a few folks who would pull the … Continue reading