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[TW angry outbursts, sexism, racism, abuse, ableism] I have trouble dealing with anger, my own and that of others. For me, the experience of anger is inextricably linked with fear. I do not know how to deal with anger in a healthy way. I experience it viscerally as fear, a pounding heart, clenched muscles, adrenaline … Continue reading

Search Terms 1

Someone apparently came to my blog by typing “Xena getting f*cked” into a search engine (star added to maybe prevent this post from showing up in the results). I would love to know how many pages of Xena porn results they had to go through to find this place.

Protip 1

Protip for people without uteri: I have yet to meet someone with a uterus who appreciates being treated like a freak for mentioning that zie does, in fact, have a functioning uterus.

Eating Crow

[TW fat-shaming, body policing, diet] Now is as good a time as any to finally correct myself. One of the first things I wrote about on this blog was a pretty ignorant post or two about fatness and health. It was sparked by someone’s criticism of Michelle Obama’s Anti-Childhood Obesity campaign, although now I cannot … Continue reading

It’s Not Called Giving Up : Charity Yarning

So, life, you know? I wanted so much to make all the knitted things and more for the Charity Challenge I set myself – that’s why I made it public – to hold myself to it. But…I had the choice, here, between taking an advanced class that is just over my head, or an intermediate … Continue reading

August Charity Knitting

So um. You might be thinking at me “Gee, Mz. Octopus, where is your knitting, hmmm?” And, well, you’d be right. I can’t even say that life got in my way, because I actually did a fair amount of knitting in August – it was just on my fugly sweater and not for the charity … Continue reading