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Mission Statement

Something that made me think: “If you are telling a rape joke, who do you think feels uncomfortable around you, the rapist or the survivor?” My mission statement is entirely derived from the thoughts that framing stimulated, and I felt it was time to write it down. I want the marginalized to feel comfortable around … Continue reading

Indiscriminate Targeting: cuz, you know, that helps…

Just read this horrible article on Yahoo! News. Which I only pay attention to when I login to my Yahoo!mail account. Title: Moms killing kids not nearly as a rare as we think “How common is filicide, or killing one’s child, among mothers? Finding accurate records is nearly impossible, experts say. One problem is classification: … Continue reading

Being an Alien

I live in South Korea at the moment and my Otherness is complexly intersectional there. I’m white, I have blue eyes, I’m very tall, I speak fluent English, and my parents are doctors (for some reason, this means I am a genius). Those are all highly valued traits. I’m also fat, have poor fashion skills, … Continue reading

Oh god, the Whiteness!

I’ve been wanting to write so many posts that none have gotten written at all. One blip of an idea leads to a torrent of narration, stories, and deconstruction that I just get totally lost and forget where it started – by the time I get to a computer or even a piece of paper, … Continue reading