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Self-care Challenge 10

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve. Whatever that means to you. Drink a glass of wine spending some quality alone time with yourself, attend a raucous party or concert, kiss someone at the stroke of midnight, don’t kiss someone at the stroke of midnight, drink champagne, don’t drink champagne, watch the ball … Continue reading

Self-care Challenge 9

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Make something a little easier. Find a small thing that can be made much easier with a little effort. If you need coffee upon waking and have a programmable coffee pot, set that up tonight so you wake up to coffee, instead of stumbling around in the morning trying to do all … Continue reading

Self-care Challenge 8

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Take a deep breath, and choose to have a little blind faith in your own perception of reality for a while. Reality is a touchy subject, because our senses necessarily filter objective reality through subjective perception. Some people exploit the ultimately unknowable nature of objective reality to deliberately gaslight other, to try … Continue reading

Self-care Challenge 7

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Listen to your body. So many things about the way we live demand that we ignore our physical beings. You’re an active person stuck in a sedentary job, or a sedentary person stuck in an active job, or your lunch break is an hour earlier or later than you actually get hungry, … Continue reading

Self-care Challenge 6

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Stick with it! No, I’m not talking about my blogging… o.O; So there is probably something silly that you are or will struggle with. A craft project, or a new language, or a new level of Bejeweled…whatever it is, stick with it just longer than you think you can. When I was … Continue reading

Self-care Challenge 5

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Put a bad feeling in a star, put that star in a worry jar. When you’re worried, or sad, or have another bad feeling that you can’t do anything about, make an origami starĀ (first link is a video, second is with pictures). Start with a piece of paper (this one was originally … Continue reading

Self-care Challenge 4

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Share something. Pick something you like but don’t feel covetous of. Foods are a good choice. Find someone who isn’t a total asshole. Share that thing with them. Enjoy their simple gratitude, and enjoy that thing in good company. I chose this challenge for today because I finally bought those Trader Joe’s … Continue reading

Self-care Challenge 3

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Give yourself permission not to do that thing. You know the thing. The one you’ve been hesitating to cross off of your to-do list for the day, even though you really want to. Maybe it’s an application you’ve been meaning to fill out, or a gathering you kinda-sorta-not-really-want to go to. BUT … Continue reading

Self-care Challenge 2

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Cry it out. Often when we are sad, we feel pressure (internally or externally) to hide it. We try to not feel our feelings, either because they feel bad, or we don’t want our housemates across the hall to hear our gross snotty noises as we try to breathe while crying. Crying … Continue reading

Self-Care Challenge 1

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Put something lovely on your feet. Whether it’s hot pink sparkly unicorn socks with extra yummy fuzz, your favorite lotion to soothe dry winter skin, or down booties, express your appreciation for your feet. Maybe they carry you around all day from place to place, maybe they’re the only part of you … Continue reading