Real Content? Not Yet. (aka Kpop 1)

Of course, this is a “real” post in the sense that it does exist. But serious content got delayed again, by reason of my seemingly constitution incapability to do anything but be nervous about things, putting off all actual accomplishment that might assuage that nervousness because then! I would have Less Time To Be Nervous!!!

So instead of thoughtful content, I give you: a weird Kpop video (this will become a recurring feature).

Co-ed School’s Bbiribom is extremely odd and yet bouncy and compelling at the same time. It’s ableist (they sing about how someone is driving them crazy, and the video opens with them all in a mental hospital) and cartoonish, and I don’t understand all the lyrics. Maybe it would make more sense if I did. Maybe it would make less. With Kpop you never know.



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