the dfab trans* privilege checklist: a community project


[update (february 6th, 2013): i’m re-evaluating my entire position on this issue, so please take this article with some piles of salt.  at this point, i’m not even sure a dfab trans* privilege checklist is remotely useful; checklists are hopelessly limited in scope.  still, it was good for me to write it; it was a good way to start thinking about how dfab trans* people are oppressed as opposed to how dmab trans* people are oppressed.  further criticism will be cherished.]

i wrote a dfab trans* privilege checklist!  i wrote it because i thought writing a privilege checklist would be a good way for me to work on checking my dfab trans* privilege.  i’m posting it here because i think it needs to be a community project in order for it to be complete enough to be useful.

i need you to help me with it because i know…

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