Self-care Challenge 7

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Listen to your body.

So many things about the way we live demand that we ignore our physical beings. You’re an active person stuck in a sedentary job, or a sedentary person stuck in an active job, or your lunch break is an hour earlier or later than you actually get hungry, or you only get 15 minutes to pee during an entire shift, or you can’t afford to buy food when you left the house without eating… Take 10 minutes (you can set an egg timer if this helps you). First, notice how you are feeling. Are you hungry? Thirsty? Exhausted? In pain? Address any immediate needs: feed yourself, drink something, take an anti-inflammatory… If you still have time left over, notice how you are carrying yourself. Are your muscles tensed? Try to relax them. Are you sitting in an uncomfortable position? Move around until it feels better. You could stretch, or lie down, do whatever makes your body feel happy. I like yoga and the microwaveable rice heating pads, for example. When you feel comfortable, appreciate your physical body for a while. You could paint your nails (or just trim them, because you never trim them until they poke holes in your favorite socks and then you cry…and by you I mean me…), give yourself a mini-massage, do other things that feel nice… Make sure you are taking care of your physical self as much as possible, even if it is just for those 10 minutes.

I chose this challenge for today because I realized I was wicked dehydrated while out of the house, and kept telling myself it didn’t matter, I could keep going. Then I realized what I was doing, and found a damn water fountain. My body shouldn’t have to feel dizzy and sick for me to pay attention to it!



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