Self-care Challenge 3

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Give yourself permission not to do that thing.

You know the thing. The one you’ve been hesitating to cross off of your to-do list for the day, even though you really want to. Maybe it’s an application you’ve been meaning to fill out, or a gathering you kinda-sorta-not-really-want to go to. BUT the application could be the rest of your life! YOU could meet your soul-mate at the gathering! Perhaps. Still, you’ll do the application better when you’re not dreading it, and you’ll be more fun at a party you’re sure you want to go to. It’s okay to not do these things for any and all reasons. Just say no for today, and let your brain move on to other things.

I chose this challenge for today because an acquaintance’s birthday party sounds like a lot of fun, but an hour in the cold rain getting there and back, not to mention making conversation with a bunch of folks I don’t know, does not. So I am saying no, staying home in front of the gas fire, and channelling that energy into a silly colored pencil drawing I have been working on.



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