Self-Care Challenge 1

Today’s Self-care Challenge: Put something lovely on your feet.

Whether it’s hot pink sparkly unicorn socks with extra yummy fuzz, your favorite lotion to soothe dry winter skin, or down booties, express your appreciation for your feet. Maybe they carry you around all day from place to place, maybe they’re the only part of you that doesn’t cramp up after all day spent sitting, maybe you’ve just neglected to notice them lately. Show some self-love, and show it through your feet.

I chose this challenge for today because this morning I ran through a gigantic puddle of freezing water to make it to the bus stop on time, filling my shoes with rainwater and soaking my jeans to the knees. A colleague lent me some dry, waterproof boots so I didn’t suffer all day, but my feet still haven’t lost the ghost of that sensational cold squishiness.

What is this?

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not good at making regular substantive posts. At the crisis line where I volunteer, at the end of every shift we have to write down in our notes what we plan to do for self-care when we go home. I love this practice, and follow through, even if my self-care was “finish X book” and I only read three pages of it. This is a regular thing to post that I am fairly sure I can actually commit to doing daily, and who knows? Maybe it will encourage me to actually write those other posts that currently exist only in my head! At the very least, it will boost the frequency and skill of my self-care practice, and that’s never a bad thing.



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