Quick Note to Mitt Romney

Like any other job seeker, Mr. Romney, you need to project confident assurance that you can do the job while interviewing (which is your case campaigning), but also accept the inherent possibility that you might not be a good fit for the organization or the particular position. You should also be thinking about whether the position is a good fit for you, and I think from your discomfort and all the particular stumbling blocks you have tripped over, the presidency might not be a good fit. Every HR person will tell you that an attitude of entitlement makes you less appealing as a hire. If you need some good advice, here’s a link to the Evil HR Lady. I think you could benefit from some job seeking advice.

The presidency is both a job, and so much more than a job. Campaigning and job interviewing are dissimilar in many ways, but the basic attitude should be the same – feel out the position as the people who might hire you (in this case, the citizens of our nation) feel out your fit for it. Don’t feel entitled, but be confident about your abilities (which in most cases you have failed to make a case for – are you doing enough practice with friends and family before you get on the stump?). Accept that you might not be the best fit for the job, and realize that most of the process is out of your control. Although it will really really help you out if you showed some compassion for people who are not just like you…



One thought on “Quick Note to Mitt Romney

  1. I love this; like you, I feel like the only one who is acting like “THIS IS A JOB INTERVIEW, MITT, AND YOU ARE NOT APPEALING TO US.”

    Posted by elodieunderglass | October 17, 2012, 20:53

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