It’s Not Called Giving Up : Charity Yarning

So, life, you know? I wanted so much to make all the knitted things and more for the Charity Challenge I set myself – that’s why I made it public – to hold myself to it.

But…I had the choice, here, between taking an advanced class that is just over my head, or an intermediate class that was just a bit too easy. I chose the harder path. Unfortunately, this means I spend the majority of my out-of-class time studying – brain so full that coming up with original and sellable works of knitting is too much of a time-commitment.

I still hope to find quiet moments on weekends to knit. I have a bunch of hats at home I never got around to selling, and with whatever I produce between now and January, there will still be plenty to sell for charity. If you are making yarny things and still have the interest and desire to knit, please don’t stop because I have.

But if life has intervened, not doing it is not “giving up” – which is a powerful shaming phrase in our culture. It’s not even “just being realistic.” It’s self-care, to know when you’ve committed yourself past your limits. It’s self-care to prioritize between the Things Which Must Be Done and the Things Help You Remain Strong Enough To Do the Things Which Must Be Done, and lastly come the Things Which Could Be Done.

Still behind from August, struggling (in a good way) in my class, and working hard to enjoy my last few months in Korea means knitting is a Thing Which Could Be Done, a thing which will be done, but much more occasionally than I had planned.

I’m taking care of myself. I hope you will too.



2 thoughts on “It’s Not Called Giving Up : Charity Yarning

  1. I have a yarn made for your charity project. In all honesty, I made it earlier in the year than August. Still need to get pics to you, though.

    “not doing it is not “giving up”” I can’t tell you how often I’ve had to remind myself of this over the last few years what with school and health problems and everything else.

    Kick ass with your class and take care!

    Posted by DK | September 16, 2011, 05:01
    • Excellent! I can’t wait to see them when you get around to it. No rush though.

      Yes – I really hate the stigma attached to changing your mind in our culture. It’s fucked up, and so often the stigma comes EXACTLY where it’s most destructive – when it comes to decisions about caring for ourselves or our bodies.

      Thanks for the good wishes and for the comment!

      Posted by startledoctopus | September 17, 2011, 16:19

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