August Charity Knitting

So um. You might be thinking at me “Gee, Mz. Octopus, where is your knitting, hmmm?” And, well, you’d be right. I can’t even say that life got in my way, because I actually did a fair amount of knitting in August – it was just on my fugly sweater and not for the charity yarning challenge. I did get a bit busy doing summer camps and getting ready to move for a while, but I also got distracted by rag rugs, which are fun. So…basically, I’m human, and stuff happened.

I did finish one thing today, and I’m in the process of making another. The one I finished I am not…overly pleased with. It was going to be a hat and then I couldn’t find a decrease method that didn’t muck it up. So I was going for one of those headbandy/cowl things, you know, basically a tube – which it is, but…if I can manage it I might knit an extra thing in the months to come and take this one apart. We shall see. But here it is. Did you make anything in August?


THE THING. WHATEVER IT’S CALLED. Photos of both sides out, used as a neckthingie, and again as a “hat” with my ponytail visible.

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