News: Oh for fuck’s sake

As if the riots in London and the collapse in Indiana weren’t enough, the first things I see when I check the news are:

Oil spill near Scotland – nowhere near the scale of BP, but fuck could you please be more careful with that shit?!

[TW for violence] Bomb attacks in several cities in Iraq kill at least 59 people – Dear My Government, I don’t think militaristic intervention in the Middle East has ever accomplished anything positive, so let’s not do it again, ‘kay?

[TW for violence] Some fuckhead on Jersey Island killed 6 people, including 3 children – Dear World, Let’s stop murdering okay?

[TW for racism] David Starkey is horrifically racist – but thankfully the people in the debate with him won’t let him get away with it

Xena is disgusted

Oh for fuck's sake...

I stopped looking after those four. If you have something to signal boost, post in the comments.



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