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Safety Measures

Fellow white folks, we need to talk. Most of you would probably think I was going overboard if I went into a space that had a majority of people of color carefully dressed according to dominant community norms, rather than my usual clothes. You’d think it was weird or pathetic if I code-switched to address … Continue reading

Just a Note:

  • It really bothers me that the worldmap used in Wordpress's stats is a Mercator projection, and not something that reflects the relative size of the continents. This has been bothering me a lot about all maps, lately, in fact, although I know that ALL flat maps have their weaknesses.
  • I have learned what will always and ever be my favorite proverb, and it is in Korean: 언 발에 오줌 누기 - Taking a piss on a frozen foot. The meaning is perverse and hilarious - it refers to a very temporary relief from a problem, with a hint at the situation worsening subsequently. In English, we might say "That's just putting a bandaid over it."   For language geeks, 언 = 얼 (freeze) + 은 (past adjective-making particle) 발(foot) + 에 (locative particle) 오줌 (pee) 누(take) + 기 (makes a verb into noun)
  • File under Things I Never Thought I'd Get To Say: I just played pool with two monks (from two different sects of Buddhism and two different countries, no less!) and a Japanese woman. This is pretty neat.
  • I'm really happy that someone got here by searching "sex toys cake" - this seems appropriate to my general attitude in life. I'm somewhat perplexed and made nervous by "octopus in asshole" as a search term. Whoever got here with "fat in mouth disease" should probably leave and never come back.  
  • Someone apparently came to my blog by typing "Xena getting f*cked" into a search engine (star added to maybe prevent this post from showing up in the results). I would love to know how many pages of Xena porn results they had to go through to find this place.
  • Protip for people without uteri: I have yet to meet someone with a uterus who appreciates being treated like a freak for mentioning that zie does, in fact, have a functioning uterus.
  • Seen: 돈텔마마 모텔 = Don't Tell Mama Motel.
  • Ragen on Dances with Fat has an important post and activism opportunity to tell the author of a children's book about dieting exactly what you think of him.
  • Signal boost: In Wisconsin, you now have to pay to meet your elected representatives. WTF?
  • Seen: A teenage girl in hospital issue pajamas and black slops walking with a tall, fashionably dressed friend while hooked up to a bag of yellow IV fluid on a rolling stand. They were walking up the middle of the street lined with a cinema, restaurants, bars, yoga studios and ice cream shops. As far as I know, no hospitals within walking distance. ?!?!? Awesome.


  • RT @AmberRoseSpeaks: Let's start here: as of yesterday, I spent more time in jail than Darren Wilson has. I spent more time in jail than a … 1 day ago
  • RT @tanehisicoates: Racism is an actual tool in American history. It serves real purposes. It is not just "white people being mean to black… 1 day ago
  • RT @thetrudz: Some Whites really think "non violence" means Black ppl must allow White/State violence on us. Notice they're NOT GOING TO st… 1 day ago
  • RT @phontigallo: A 12 yr old was shot and killed by police and the media's response is to bring up his family's arrest records. Amazing. #T1 day ago
  • RT @Crommunist: "Violence never accomplished anything" say people in a country stolen through murder, built by slavery, and secured with wa… 2 days ago

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